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Managing a project is easiest with PBworks Project Edition, which comes with built in tasks and milestones.  Project Edition is $20/user/month, and "guest" licenses for clients are free.


However, you can use any edition of PBworks to manage projects, even the free Basic Edition, by following the guidelines below.

One of the main uses of PBworks is for simple project management.  Rather than being forced to conform to a particular software's preferences, PBworks lets you build a process that fits your processes.  This template is a basic guide--feel free to modify as you see fit.


Project Name


Table of contents:



This project is intended to fill a specific set of user needs.  It is based on the following data:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2


Important Deadlines

Deadline Item Who Status
[Date] [What] [Team members involved] [Status]

Click "Edit" to add, remove, or revise these deadlines. 



This project should have the following impact on our business:

  • Effect 1
  • Effect 2



  • [Team Member]
  • [Team Member]
  • [Team Member]



  • Kickoff: Monday
  • Business Case Complete: Tuesday
  • Specification Complete: Wednesday
  • Coding Complete: Thursday
  • Testing Complete: Friday
  • Release: Saturday
  • Celebration: Sunday



  • Write Business Case [Team Member]
  • Write Specification [Team Member]
  • Code Solution [Team Member]
  • Test Solution [Team Member]
  • Release Solution [Team Member]
  • Plan Party [Team Member]



Create a team calendar.  Click "Edit" >> "Insert Plugin."



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