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This wiki is not meant to be set in stone but it does need some structure.


The core document is the database which has to be kept current. From there, the vendor pages flow. 


  • There is a template for completing the vendor 'At a Glance' section. You should try and include links rather than 'http://......' 
  • Please justify right as you complete the table for consistent look and feel.
  • Suggest that where it talks about 'main markets' that you try be as specific as possible. Saying for instance 'small business' is not as informative as saying 'freelance consultants, estate agents and publicans.'


As the wiki grows and in particular as it gets filled out with more background information or topics of interest then it will require further organization. Please bear in mind that readers need to navigate easily between one place and another. Therefore if you see that a topic area may benefit from being organized into new folders then feel free to do so. However, please think carefully before embarking on this as such changes DO affect the structure in important ways. 


As each vendor page grows expect to see more by way of case material and commentary about important corporate actions. Bearing that in mind, the vendor pages should not become one more place where vendors are marketing. It is far better to stick to thing that readers will find useful. That's not to say that vendors should be deterred, for example, from announcing events, webinars and the like. 


Suggestion: this wiki will be updated regularly. Please ensure that you have set notifications for THIS workspace to receive change information on a regular basis. 

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Jon Behr said

at 7:01 pm on Feb 12, 2010

Dennis, how do we add/amend data in the database? It seems to be an external app with dabbledb that we dont have access to.

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