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Suggested external resources

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Independent commentary and reviews:

AccMan - (SaaS category) Dennis Howlett's weblog focusing on accounting services 

ZDNet - Phil Wainewright's SaaS weblog that talks to broad issues and offers some vendor specific analysis 

CloudAve - broad based but offering useful service reviews 

The Connected Web - Phil Wainewright's industry issues weblog at eBizQ. Includes podcasts with leading players 

DealArchitect - Vinnie Mirchandani on all things enterprise and specifically economics. Check the 'cloud/saas' section.


FreelanceFolder - 14 Web-based Invoicing Tools to Make Sure You Get Paid: short reviews from the freelance perspective 18/08/2007

Freelance Switch: 7 Online Invoicing Apps for Freelancers: short reviews, unclear which year but appears reasonably current


Vendor associated blogs

Business Two Zero - the SaaS & On Demand & Cloud Computing section of David Terrar's web 2.0 and marketing blog

Kashflow - usually Duane Jackson's place for expressing opinion and explaining service offerings

Xero - team blog from NZ based provider discussing issues and providing broad support Q&A

Saas 2.0 - VP Marketing Dan Drucker's insights and information on SaaS issues with a US twist

SaaSBlogs - Apprenda’s founders and employees writing about Software as a Service


Trade organizations

Intellect - the Software as a Service Group of the Intellect technology trade organization

EuroCloud - a broad based group with focus on European adoption

BASDA Cloud SIG - UK based trade group, mostly accounting apps


Other directories and resources

SaaS Showplace - a US based "Software-as-a-Service & Cloud Computing Resource Center"

BusinessCloud9 - Sift Media's Cloud based publication

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